What is the International Professional Data Recovery Association?

The International Professional Data Recovery Association was set up to assist organisations and individuals that had lost data by pointing them towards qualified, experienced and certified Data Recovery company's.

Why was the International Professional Data Recovery Association set up?

The International Professional Data Recovery Association was set up to ensure that the client is protected.

 It was set up to give confidence to the client by quality assuring the organisation that they are sending their data to are indeed a professional data recovery company with relevant expertise and experience in their field.

This will then ensure that only highly skilled members would be able to qualify to join the association, having fulfilled technical criteria and having appropriate experience. In order to establish fairness and independence, a committee is elected to either approve or decline membership, based on responses provided to the committee.

Regretfully, there are a lot of 'companies' that proclaim to achieve between 90 and 100% of all data recoveries. There is however no way of proving that these ‘companies’ are real, (often they are working from home or they are ‘part-time’ data recovery people). Sometimes, these companies are general IT professionals that have purchased some commercially available software, however, there is little if any knowledge of the more complex intricacies of data recovery, such as firmware reprogramming, system area repair, Semi-Conductor extraction, (re-program and repair), head stack changes etc.

What is the Purpose of the International Professional Data Recovery Association?

The purpose of this site is two fold:

1. To protect our clients.
2. To allow our members to display a logo that proves that they are a professional organisation, and not just a ‘fly by night’ company with little if any technical skills. To offer the 'real' data recovery company's and technicians a way of proving that they have met a high standard.

There will be a joining fee and annual subscription, however, there will be a committee to justify membership of the Association, to ensure that companies or individuals cannot just buy their title and membership.







Data Recovery is a complex technical science. Until the International Professional Data Recovery Association, there was no way for a client to know how good the Data recovery Company was that he/she was sending their critical data too.